Soft Belly

I currently have a two-week old baby, which means that—depending on how you look at it—I’m either in a state of complete bliss, or a lack-of-sleep induced fog. (I think it might be a bit of both). My baby likes to be held. Whether he’s sleeping or awake, he seems to know whether or not I’m physically holding him–which means, I’m currently writing with him strapped to my chest as I methodically sway from side to side. This could lead to some misspelled words and incoherent sentences. My apologies in advance.

Since the focus of my blog right now is primarily on the idea that optimal health and fitness happens from the inside out, my post today is about the fear that I battled throughout my pregnancy of facing my postpartum body.  This is my third child, and I’m 37. In my mind, that feels old enough to expect that my body will likely not bounce back right away; and a third pregnancy…well, that’s a lot for one body to go through!

Throughout my pregnancy, I managed to conquer most of the fearful or negative thoughts with conscious awareness and positive intentions for myself and my baby, and now that I’m facing the reality of my postpartum body, I’m discovering something unexpected…I  kind of like it.

I have a round belly, big boobs for nursing and a bit of curve to my normally slim frame. If I were to sum up my body in one word, I would describe it as soft; which makes a nice cushion for my baby to sink into and snuggle up against. I didn’t expect to feel this way.  By working to dispel the negativity surrounding my postpartum body, the most I had hoped for was acceptance of my body, and here I am in awe with love and appreciation for all that it has gone through—the amazing development of pregnancy, the delivery of my beautiful baby, and the miraculous recovery from childbirth.

No matter what your body has gone through, I hope you’ll look at it with love and appreciation. It carries so much, releases so much, and heals itself again and again. It’s like witnessing a miracle every day.

This post originally appeared on my first blog, on March 18, 2014

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