Cause For A Celebration

I caught myself rushing into the ‘next thing’ the other day, when I realized that I hadn’t stopped to celebrate the thing I just did.

It’s seems that many of us have this ‘go, go, go’ mentality (myself included), that keeps driving us forward, and while the enthusiasm and motivation is good, It is so important to recognize the ‘in between’ stage; the moment when one thing has ended and another hasn’t yet begun.

Otherwise, what’s it all for?

And more importantly, if you don’t stop to pause, listen, feel, and offer a moment of gratitude for your accomplishment, then how will you proceed into the next phase with conscious clarity?

Your path is changing all the time, and if you’re barreling forward without an upward glance or a pause to take in the view, then you just might find yourself…well, lost.

Or you might be moving forward in ways that are so familiar that they’ve become habitual, and when that happens, you might find yourself running circles and wondering why you keep getting stuck in the same scenarios with the same types of people.

It is so important to pause. One breath. One moment. One day. One week, if you need it—and celebrate what you just did.

And celebrate the little things—it doesn’t have to be a huge party; a simple moment of recognition will do.

You got out of bed without hitting snooze? Celebrate.

You chose the apple over the oreo? Celebrate.

You made the call, published the post, finished the project? Celebrate. Celebrate. Celebrate.

Because your time is worth it. Your effort is worth it. YOU are worth it.

And also because your next move will be fueled by rest, appreciation and self-love, and those are all really important qualities to bring into whatever is up next for you.

How will you celebrate today?


P.S. I bought myself the sweetest treat this week to celebrate the launch of my new project, Make it Manifest. Come check it out on Instagram. It is SO lovely.

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