About Me

I have been teaching the concept of mindfulness for nearly ten years. I am currently a Yoga and Integrated Wellness course instructor at Utah State University where I am inspired daily by the amazing students that I am privileged to teach. I began sharing my  thoughts on mindfulness to a broader audience over three years ago, by writing for my first blog, www.emilyparkinsonperry.com, and now here. My work has been published at places like Yoga Journal, KSL Studio 5, Elephant Journal, and Teach.Yoga. For a list of my current class offerings at USU, or upcoming events and workshops click here.

I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with some of the best teachers and educators in the world, but above all, my greatest training and education has come from my students. Every single time I teach, I learn something new and I am forever grateful for their ongoing patience, kindness, questions, courage, and desire to learn. I am inspired every day.

And if you’re still with me, a bit more:

• I am a mother to three beautiful boys.
• I am married to the love of my life.
• I teach yoga to the Greatest. Students. Ever.
• I write if I wake up early enough.
• I lead workshops when I feel brave.
• I get most of my ideas while I’m out running.
• I pour everything I can into my family, teaching yoga, practicing yoga, this blog, my other blog, and my book, (which I will finish someday…)
• The feeling that I focus on is GRATITUDE, and that is what I feel most of the time.


My Manifesto:

I believe…

That peace is not just a nice idea, but a living, breathing reality that lives in each of us, just waiting to be discovered.

I also believe…

That when one person finds peace within themselves, it opens an energetic pathway that connects to every other being on the planet—a path that offers a reminder that peace is here, it is real, and it wants to be known.

I want to live in world where…

We no longer define ourselves by constructed stories that live in the past or in the future.


We live in the TRUTH of who we are—which is right now in this moment.

I am trying to create this world by…

Finding my own Truth and having the courage to talk about it and share what I’m learning with others.


Releasing my own resistance to the reality of the current situation, whatever it may be, which doesn’t mean that I give up, it just means that I soften, accept, and then act accordingly with clarity.

Here’s what I know for sure…

That peace lies at the heart of every single person and the more I resonate with the peace inside myself, the greater my ability to see it in others.


Now it’s YOUR turn. Write down your manifesto, dreams, desires and goals. Share them with me, share them with a loved one, or write them down just for you for now. Whatever you do, get them out of your head and into the Universe where they are meant to be manifested, shared, enjoyed and lived through you. Because nobody can present them the way you can. Your unique voice, your style, your experiences and opportunities add up to the perfect expression of whatever it is you’re about to create. Because you, darling, are the point the Universe is trying to make.


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