You’re Right Where You Need To Be

There will be moments in your life when you feel stuck.
Moments when you feel left out; lost; alone; forgotten.
Moments when there are no ideas, no direction, and no pathways.

There will be moments when you can’t stand the skin you’re in.
Your life may spread before you like a giant, starless sky…vast, dark and empty.
You will want to expand; explode, or implode…anything other than this.

These moments may frighten you.

They might make you question everything you know.
Burn it up. Tear it down. Start all over. Run away.
Maybe you should. Maybe you shouldn’t.
My challenge for you, when you encounters these moments, is to stay.

Just stay.

Sit in the dark for a while.
Maybe even accept it.
Maybe even find relief in the unknowing.
Breathe it in; breathe it out.

Because even though you might not see it yet, something is happening.
Birth is happening. Life is happening. Death is happening.
You’re like a whole galaxy of stars that glimmer and fade and glimmer again.

We sink into the dark so we can experience the exquisite return of light.
Your job is to allow the experience of it; whatever it may be.

And listen.

Listen carefully to the quiet unknown.
Listen to the dark.
Listen to the silence.
Listen to the feeling of being lost.

If you’re listening, you won’t miss a thing.
You’ll catch the next spark just as its being born.
The light will burst out from within.
And you’ll be graced with a new path; a brilliant idea; a fresh perspective.

And you’ll realize that you were never lost.
You are always right where you need to be…
Right here.
Right now.


Playing the Edge

Every time I teach, I experience fear.
Every time I share my work: fear.
Every time I say how I feel; start something new; end something old—there is fear.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fear heightens your senses; makes you alert; gives you a pulse you can feel. It brings your awareness into the present moment like nothing else can. The key is to get to know your fear.

Is it survival fear? Truly life and death?

Act. Now.

Is it imagined fear? Unreal outcomes and scenarios living in your head?

Let it go.

Is it expansive fear? Does it stretch, challenge, and help you grow into your power?

Listen up.

Breathe into it. Pause. Breathe again. Move forward, then slightly retreat; forward again; slight retreat. Real growth moves in waves. Play on the edge of your fear—not too much, not too little—just enough to keep expanding.

Step into a new role.
Say how you feel.
Share your work.
Change your course.
Walk away.
Say no.
Say yes.
Ask for help.

All evoke expansive fear.

And that’s good because expansive fear teeters on the edge of love.

It’s the gateway to something big. The dark before the dawn; the first breath; the last push; the beginning, the end, and the middle.

It’s finally letting yourself be who you are.

If you’re uncomfortable, it’s because you’ve outgrown the space you’re in, and it’s time to expand. Don’t shy away from that type of fear, because it is what teaches you about your own brilliance, strength, dedication and love. It teaches you about you.

Take a tiny step or a giant leap.
Either way, play the edge.

You just might fall in love.


Photo: Alisa Kozlova

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In Between

We’ve all been there—the dreaded no-man’s land—the space in between; neither here nor there.

Waiting for the call…sorting out emotions…planning the next move… all the waiting, wondering and wandering can sometimes feel unbearable, but here’s the thing about not-knowing what’s next: It usually precedes something big.

You know that moment at the very top of a roller coaster, after you’ve slowly climbed the ascent and you’re about to go down—there’s this pause—and you want to go, but you don’t, but you do…and it’s exciting and scary and before you know it you’ve slipped into the ride of your life?

Well, sometimes the ‘in between’ can feel like that; and the waiting is there because you need a moment to pause, gather yourself, and get clear so that you can finally exhale, release, and let go as you give into the big ride. It’s okay to be in between. In fact, it’s essential for what’s coming up next. If you’re about to enter a new phase, you need some time to get clear about what you want and where you’re going.

Observe your breath for a moment; notice that there’s a pause at the top of an inhale, just before the breath turns around to release and there’s also a pause at the bottom of an exhale, just before the breath turns around to draw in again. Those tiny moments of suspension are the gateways to the energy that sustains everything—they offer you a glimpse into your true self, and act as a reminder to tune into your heart’s desire. It’s hard to get clear about what you want when you’re going, going, going, so those little moments of ‘in between’ give you the time you need to listen to yourself; time to be alone—all one. It’s a time to gather yourself—all the parts of yourself—so you can unite and proceed with clarity and poise.

For the next few days, look for opportunities to practice being ‘in between’, even if it’s as tiny as the wait at a stoplight. Use those tiny moments to practice being okay with the wait. You’ll soon recognize that being still doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; that it can be a welcome reprieve from constant activity. Because when things get moving again, you’ll be glad you took the time….and also, because sometimes the breathless suspension is the best part of the ride.